Sunday, May 17, 2009

Love Birds Shower

My beautiful little sister (on the left) is getting married . . . .
So I begged and begged her to let me (on the right) plan her bridal shower. And she's so nice, that she agreed.
It was a love bird theme. The invitation read: The love birds are getting married, and they need help feathering their nest.

We had little edible birds nest favors (chocolate covered chow mein noodles), a beautiful cake (which I did not make), little birdies everywhere, and a blue chair for the bride to sit in.

Little touches all over the room really brought out our color scheme (blue and brown), and made it feel special. There was an "advice tree" for everyone to write a message to the bride, a paper birdie garland (made from the same birds that are hanging on the tree), and lots of birdhouses.

And finally, a special keepsake gift to help her remember the day:

I'm not a quilter, so this was quite a feat for me. My good friend, Carrie, was invaluable in helping and encouraging me through this project.

This shower was held the day before Easter, and I thought it really captured the feeling of spring.

Congratulations sis, and thanks for letting me be a part of this special time!


I recently decided to reuse some of this decor when I had to put on a last minute baby shower for a friend of mine. It turned out just as lovely as the first one, so I had to share a few pictures:

The beverage bar, and beautiful buntings (made out of fabric left over from my quilt).

Setting the mood--this theme fit perfectly with my existing decor, so it was simple and tasteful.

This was the backdrop for the food table. Unfortunately, no pics were taken once all the food was arranged.

A few little details. I think it's these type of small touches that really help to carry a theme and make things special.

I had so much fun reusing this party theme, and I plan to tuck these things away for the future.


Holly said...

That is a great shower theme---BEAUTIFUL decor and details! You did a really amazing job.

Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

LOVELY party! The details are great!